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Biashara Talk: Keys to winning Big in Kisumu over Nairobi


The advantage of doing business in a large city, like Nairobi, is that the sheer numbers of people passing outside your business every day is likely, simply by chance, to bring in many more casual customers in a week than a business in a smaller city like Kisumu. Therefore, it goes without saying that an entrepreneur needs be much smarter, much savvier, and much more aggressive in Kisumu than in Nairobi.

The following three tips are critical to small city success:

  1. Know thyself

The first step toward developing an effective strategy for competing in a small city is to understand what your business does, who its customers are, and what they want. Think of it as creating a resume for your business, as if your business was applying for a job with your customers, who are the boss. Making certain that you thoroughly understand your marketplace is critical when operating in a small city since the small population leaves you less room for error.

Additionally, in a small city, many people will decide whether to visit your business or not, based largely on what they hear other people say about it.  This is why creating a consistent image for your business is so important. Customers will rely on that image when making the decision where to shop. Don’t confuse potential customers.

  1. Be careful with pricing and advertising

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