Speaking at MV Uhuru Pier on Friday night on the Lake Victoria shores, Ranguma said implementation of the blueprint begins from the Financial Year 2015/2016.

“We want to place Kisumu on the world map and compare ourselves not with other county headquarters but with established cities like Cape Town and Cairo,” he said.

The event was attended by investors and dignitaries from across the continent and beyond.

“Technology-wise, we would like to compare ourselves with Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia,” Ranguma said.

He appointed eight global roving ambassadors, who are professionals from various sectors, to put Kisumu’s socio-economic agenda on the global scene and sell the county as a preferred investment destination.

They have agreed to dedicate their time to serve on pro-bono basis towards transforming and changing Kisumu to be on the map of Human Index Development quotient.

“Our quick wins which we need to leverage on are the fastest economic growth, development of vibrant creative industries, advanced technology as an economic driver and culture as the mainstay and marker of Kisumu,” Ranguma added.

Other quick wins include support from a sound economic advisory resource, transformative science and urban resilience, entrepreneurship and investments.

The governor noted that the added skilled resource in the areas outlined will go a long way in leapfrogging Kisumu into an economic powerhouse and catapulting the city and its population to international limelight.

They are renowned novelist Yvonne Owuor (Creative Industries), ICT guru Kenneth Oyola (Technology), songbird Susanna Owiyo (Culture and Heritage) and science communicator Sheila Ochugboju (Transformative Science and Urban Resilience).

Others are publicist Norah Odwesso (Life Skills and Personal Development), investment banker Ritesh Doshi (Entrepreneurship and Investment), hotelier Nazir Khamisa (Hospitality Industry and Tourism) and agricultural economist Gem Argwings Khodhek (Agriculture and Agribusiness).

Ranguma also appointed Renaissance Development Advisors who will provide economic advisory to the governor and ministries, and also link the county with donor agencies, NGOs and private businesses around the world.

Some of the focus areas targeted are development finance, investor facilitation, regional integration and policy reform.

Watch the video of the unveiling here below.

Adapted from: Hivisasa Kisumu