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Just what can 200 bob do?

 It’s that time of the month again…I have not received that all important SMS from Diamond Trust Bank informing me that my boss has held his end of the bargain but not too worry – it’s only 31st.

Even as I say that I really cannot help but worry – you see I woke up with just 200 bob in my pockets…actually it was 240 bob but after spending the 40 bob I am here typing away with 200 bob in my pockets and wondering just what 200 bob can do to me today.

The difference between me and poverty this morning
  1. You see I can stay  in the office all day, skip lunch and go grab a beer in the evening at either Barcadia, Whistles or anywhere else a beer goes for 200 bob, but then I will have to walk home. My bike guy Scoff is a really nice guy until you want him to take you anywhere on credit. So no beer today.
  2. When I left home there was no sugar – the hustle is real. So 200 bob can actually buy me 2kgs of Lugazi Sugar but we all know how we have been emotional about this all sugary affair. It’s not anything sweet anymore…I am a sucker for “homegrown solutions” so that means I will still have to up that 200 bob to about 250 to get myself Mumias, Chemelil or Sony Sugar. I guess my 200 bob will not do much today.
  3. So how about I think lunch…you see I can just go to Nana’s at lunch and have myself some nicely made pilau. Nana is that lady with a food kiosk next to my office in Milimani. We all have our lunch there but her pilau which goes for 120 bob comes without nyama. I love my meat, so that means I will have to give her another 60 bob angalau nipate kanyama. But even with nyama you will still need a cold soda to drown the pilau – nyama. I only have 200 bob and even Tonny Ovich who is usually very philanthropic has been hit hard by the economy. I guess no pilau for me today.

So I cannot have beer today, I cannot buy sugar and Nana’s pilau is one long piped dream – the economy has surely had a thorough beating. You see if you grew up during my days 200 bob could actually do a lot. If you had 200 bob you were a baller! You could throw your friends raos like you are a life saver!

Talking of life saver….I can actually still be a life saver today with my 200 bob! Look, there is this little 15 year old girl called Tamika Stewart from Kisumu who is in urgent need of that 200 bob.

Tamika is a KCPE candidate but she urgently needs to undergo a liver transplant in India. She was first diagnosed with a liver problem in 2011 and her family has struggled with her treatment for the past four years but it has got to a point where she actually needs a new liver.

My friend Dismas Ogolla went to visit her in hospital yesterday and she was in high spirits though in so much pain still. If you and I contributed just 200 bob right now we can actually raise the required 3 million bob required for her surgery scheduled for 7th September.

Look here, Tamika’s life is hanging on that 200 bob you have in your pocket or on M-Pesa or Airtel Money. Just follow the instructions bellow.

That 200 bob can actually still save a life
That 200 bob can actually still save a life

I get it, we are both broke and cannot afford beer, sugar or lunch at Nana’s….but we can save a life! I am actually feeling like Superman right now and this is a feeling we can share.

#24Hrs4Tamika starts this moment, share this with your friends and lets bring back the value of 200 bob by saving Tamika’s life. Take a screenshot of your M-Pesa/Airtel Money confirmation and tweet or post on Facebook using the hash tag #48Hrs4Tamika.

Those who can contribute more than 200 bob are also encouraged to do the same.

This post first appeared on Huku Kisumu by @IamOminde

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