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7:00 pm Kisumu Fashion Week 2018 @ Acacia Premier Hotel
Kisumu Fashion Week 2018 @ Acacia Premier Hotel
Dec 15 @ 7:00 pm โ€“ 11:00 pm
Kisumu Fashion Week 2018 @ Acacia Premier Hotel | Kisumu | Kenya
Hey Fashionatics! Its yet that time of the year again, that the Amazing City of Kisumu is hosting its biggest ever fashion celebration event. Kisumu being the fashion capital of the great lakes region. Welcome[...]
10:00 am Kisumu Junk Festival @ Jumuia Hotel
Kisumu Junk Festival @ Jumuia Hotel
Dec 23 @ 10:00 am โ€“ 6:00 pm
Kisumu Junk Festival @ Jumuia Hotel | Kisumu | Kenya
This is an aspirational and family friendly experience around junk food, live music, perfect weather and our social Masai market, art and music. For tickets/partnership/sponsor – 0727869367, Jay Dreamer
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Are the new Safaricom Data Bundles Plan better than Airtel’s UnLiminet?


Safaricom has announced a suite of new data products that will offer its subscribers the opportunity to access to faster data more conveniently.ย The new proposition will leverage Safaricomโ€™s sustained investments in data infrastructure to provide a simplified purchasing experience for data users on the network.

Coupled with attractive pricing packages to suit various lifestyles, the product will allow subscribers to use their data for longer periods and extend data bonuses for use anytime during the day.

โ€œAt Safaricom, we are keen to democratize data so that the subscriber can reap the digital dividends that access to the internet can provide. We listened to our subscribers and made the necessary changes to the customer journey to allow them to continue to enjoy the unparalleled experience that only Safaricom can provide,โ€ said Ms. Mulinge.

Safaricom has invested over Sh30 billion over the last financial year to boost its data offering, including delivering an advanced 4G product to the market as well as rolling out over 2,010 km of fibre in major cities across Kenya.

Data customers will now be able to select a new data plan that suits their needs from a menu of over 18 options โ€“ starting with 5MB of data for just Sh5 to packages for 50GBs (the highest capacity data bundle ever seen in the market) for just under Sh7,000.

With over 12 million subscribers accessing the internet through its network, Safaricom pioneered its LTE Advanced (4G) proposition in December 2014, launching the most advanced version of the 4G system for mobile networks in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Now also available in Kisumu, 4G promises to pass on significant improvements in data speeds and latency to its customers while maintaining superior voice quality.

The company already has the widest network coverage in the country, with over 3,382 base stations, nearly half of which are 3G-enabled, as well as the largest coverage for 2G by any mobile operator.

Safaricom was the first operator in Kenya to roll out mobile data in 2003 on the 2G platform, and later the company was the first to launch its 3G platform in 2008.

In the last financial year, Safaricom reported active monthly mobile data customers rose to 21% to register 11.6 million, forming 50% of Safaricomโ€™s customer base and earning the company 14.8 Billion Kenyan shillings in revenues.

Detailed Pricing Plan:

1. Daily ย Bundles

Daily Bundle MBs SMS Price (Kshs) Validity Period
Daily 5MB 7MB 7 5 24 Hours
Daily 15MB 15MB 15 10 24 Hours
Daily 25MB 35MB 35 20 24 Hours
Daily 50MB 60MB 60 30 24 Hours
Daily 150MB 150MB 150 50 24 Hours

2. Weekly Bundles

Weekly Bundles MBs Price (Kshs) Validity Period
5MB 5MB 5 7 Days
10MB 10MB 10 7 Days
30MB 30MB 30 7 Days
65MB 65MB 50 7 Days
130MB 130MB 100 7 Days

ย 3. Monthly Bundles

Monthly Bundles MBs Price (Kshs) Validity Period
350MB 350MB 250 30 Days
1GB 1GB 500 30 Days
3GB 3GB 1000 30 Days
7.5GB 7.5GB 2000 30 Days
12GB 12GB 3000 30 Days

ย 4.ย 90 Day Bundles

90 Day Bundles MBs Price (Kshs) Validity Period
6GB 6GB 3000 90 Days
16GB 16GB 6000 90 Days
30GB 30GB 9000 90 Days
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