The night runners of Karachuonyo


Making a deal with the nightrunner not to come and have fun at your residence.

These guys are just hilarious. #JajuokTings

Can make a good story of cultural tourism. Me posits that the counties around Lake Victoria target these people for a reality show #PanicButtonLuoLand kind of thing; where people can travel to Homabay and surrounding counties for a real scare experiences. Would be fun!

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As a girl from Homa Bay county,i know too well the meaning of night runners in our society.They claim they give us security but they gave me and my siblings sleepless frightful nights.

When i was growing up at my home in Karachuonyo near Got Huma in Homa Bay county,our nights were full of terror because of some two brothers,well known night runners plus their cousin.


These three i will call them terrorists.They made our nights hell,we could not sleep in peace.One would come in the deep of the night when everything was peaceful and quite and start throwing sand on our mabati roof,the noise it made as it landed on the roof and slowly made its way down was enough to give our little souls a heart attack.

No one dared scream,if we did we would tell him our exact location and you never know he might come right…

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Exciting Career Opportunities at Acacia Premier Hotel, Kisumu

Acacia Premier Hotel is owned and operated by Simba Corporation Ltd, who are also the owners of Villa Rosa Kempinski and Olare Mara Kempinski.

Acacia is a home grown Kenyan Hospitality Brand committed to high quality service standards, employee welfare and bringing together our brand promise: Home of African Hospitality.

Acacia Premier, Kisumu is seeking to recruit self-motivated individuals who have a passion for service excellence, to fill the positions below:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Executive Assistant Hotel Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager

If you believe you can clearly demonstrate your abilities to meet the relevant criteria for any of the roles above, please submit your application with a detailed CV vía email, stating your current position, current remuneration, email and telephone contacts.

Indicate the position applied for on your application letter and email subject.

To be considered, your application must be received by Friday 29th May 2015 addressed to the undersigned.

The Chief Hospitality Officer

Simba Hospitality Services Limited


Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

New Music Official Release: “Free” by Kysh

Kysh2“Free”: Kysh off One Vibe Vol,1.


Written & Composed By: Shamir Abdallah
Lyrics Written By: Michael Robert Ouko aka Kysh
Arranged By: Shamir Abdallah
Executive Producers: Simeoni Krushal & Shamir Abdallah
Recorded at: One Vibe Studio, Kisumu, Kenya

New Music Official Release: Ms Kisumu by Lyrikali

“Ms.Kisumu” by Lyrikali off One Vibe Vol,1.


Written & Composed By: Shamir Abdallah
Lyrics Written By: Antony Masitta aka Lyrically
Arranged By: Shamir Abdallah
Executive Producers: Simeoni Krushal & Shamir Abdallah
Recorded at: One Vibe Studio, Kisumu, Kenya



The rendezvous and the weekly hustle that is Hippo Point, Kisumu :)

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You are looking at my. Title and wondering;Is this article going to amuse me like the others have or it is going to be another boring blogger,You have only read two sentences.You just looked back to see if what I said is true!-You see,Trusting a blogger aint an easy task,You are thinking am smart right?or some small mind with a lot of confidence

Allow me to lie about Kisumu!I will be in debt,If I won’t write about Hippo Point-so far the only free “joint” in town,As you drive past the National park,You are welcomed by the rough road!,Ever tried to reflect why?-Your wallet is reason!You are probably squeezed in some Toyota Premio or Toyota wish!With you are bottles of Cheap Liquor, a bevy of over “Made up” women,-you didn’t get the term “made up” because you have forgotten the past tense of “Make up”.So if I did apply make up…

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6 Non-Obvious Ways City Rydes Can Make You More Productive At Work.


City Rides disrupting the errand services provision in Kisumu City and environs.

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Greater productivity means that you are accomplishing more in the same amount of time. The way to have a helper increase this ratio is not by increasing your accomplishments but by decreasing the amount of time spent doing tasks that can be delegated.For non-obvious ways to increase productivity, here are 6 things to use City Rydes for:-

  1. Send us to buy you an interesting book from a bookshop. You may have that book you have always been meaning to buy, but have never really found the time. Delegate to us and we shall get you that boost in productivity you need.
  2. Send us to take your electronics for repair. We sometimes have those electronics that we need to take back before, lets say, the warranty expires or things become much worse. Inform us and we shall drop it at your electrician’s shop and pick it right up when it…

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Sexual Reproductive Health is Essential in Schools


Oh, is this how the future of Kenya is being brought up, with no sexual education? It is a fact that this Generation-Z is on a self destruction mode sexually, if parents too don’t take part in instilling reproductive health education to them.

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Therese always been a debate whether to have sex education in primary schools or not, whether to introduce condoms in schools and teach them family planning methods or not. well… Today i say it is important to do so.

was at work in Suba sometime last week when a case was brought to my attention, a 10 year old girl who was repeatedly raped by her own father. I was adamant to follow the case- Id been following cases like that whole week. but something made me gain interest, The girl in question is 10 years of age and she is already sexually active, she is in class 2 and has a boyfriend in class 6 who they regularly have unprotected sex with.

So i went to school and fished the boy off class- with the teachers permission of course. i sat him down for a man talk and shockingly…

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Its not Sycophancy… Its Conformity


Sycophancy will sure kill us, whether in support of @UKenyatta or @RailaOdinga. We need realism now more than ever. There are cries all across the country. We need working solutions, ideas and Kenya will never be the same again.

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conformity is what is ruining us. We do not complain when the Chinese build our roads; in fact, we trust them more than we trust local contractors, but when they give us loans, we suddenly read mischief. Fyi, they started construction projects when Raila was PM. The West can give grants, but they will dictate foreign policy and our politics. We are going to appropriate about 1.2B$, not all oRaila 1f it will come from China. Yes,

Uhuru Kenyatta UK 1 is not a perfect president. Yes, the government is not doing a great job with security and appointments and a lot of other stuff. Personally, I am not pro-government. What I am against is Raila’s approach to address issues. People died in 2007/8, what did it achieve apart from Raila being PM? Did it change our lives? Did it improve the country? Let us not kid ourselves. If we are to…

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Kenya Travel Habits

Travel and tourism is the major source of foreign exchange in Kenya, as well as a major contributor to the national GDP. Although hampered by numerous challenges, tourism still remains at the forefront of the economy. With such an important role on the national plate, it’s only prudent for both government and private stakeholders to keep abreast with global developments in the industry. One of the major fronts include tapping into e-tourism, moving away from the traditional tourism trends to the steadily rising world of savvy travelers. Local companies like are actively re-joining this call through ensuring that even the most remotely located hotel can be accessed online, therefore boosting its global presence and leveraging on online marketing. Here is an info graphic indicating Kenyan online travel habits based on bookings made on

Room Rates

infographic 2Across the country and the continent as well, costs of hotels vary depending on the type of rooms and services that accompany them. The survey carried through January to April reveals the most expensive room booked within this period at KShs 328,850 while the least expensive went at KShs 900 only!

Preferred Payment Methods

Infographic 1The advent and globally-enviable growth of mobile payments in Kenya is well illustrated in the payment trends of guests who book accommodation via Data recorded shows that 60% of guests prefer to wrap up the transaction via mobile or card payments, while the remaining 40% opt to pay on arrival.

Length of Stay

infographic 3The average guest will usually take two days/nights in a hotel; this in most cases are either on business trips or a quick-fix long weekend for most working middle class. We however notice that the trend greatly changes with the purpose of travel. Vacations are generally longer, with the longest stay going for 30 days.

Preferred Booking Durations

Infographic 1With an emerging middle class popular for hitting the ground running, it’s no mean task to have a 63% of our traveler’s population booking consistently booking in advance of about seven days to check in date. However, the spontaneous streak is still very live, with a notable 27% placing bookings just hours to check in. A small but extremely cautious fraction of guests (6%) do book more

Room Type Preference

Infographic 5Most guests prefer booking into a double room, which will mostly accommodate couples. Solo travelers on the other side will prefer single rooms-with most guests likely to be on business trips.

Most of the other rooms (4%) are favorable for family stays as, upon requests may even have space for extra beds or cots. The biggest room occupancy on hotels is 8 people.

About Jovago is an online hotel booking service with offices in Lagos (Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya), Dakar (Senegal) founded by Africa Internet Group and has MTN and Millicom as investors., Africa’s No.1 booking website, facilitates the booking process for its users to provide them with the best hotel booking experience with fast, transparent and easy-to-use services. has over 20,000 local hotel listings across Africa and over 200,000 hotels around the world.

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